The Artifacts from Olon Süme


This paper is an overview of the artifacts from Olon Süme in Japanese collections, based on existing research and reports.

Artifacts from the Yuan (元) dynasty include roof tiles, wall tiles, decorative tiles, pottery, stone implements, and metal work. The holdings are particularly rich in roof tiles, wall tiles, and decorative tiles and are the most complete for this period. The distinctive features and assortment of individual items are similar to those found at Karakhorum, Kondui, Dyon-terek, and Shangdu (上都).

Many Buddhist monasteries are known to have been built in this area during the 16th-17th centuries, and Buddhist documents, primarily sutras, as well as Buddhist statues and altar accessories have been excavated here. Together with the so-called “Altan Khân inscription” , these documents are important records of the Mongolian language during this period.

( Yokohama Museum of EurAsian Cultures)